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Seventh International Workshop on Biological effects of Electromagnetic fields, Valleta, Malta

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2012-10-08 The Seventh International Workshop on Biological effects of Electromagnetic fields will take place from 8 to 12 October 2012 in Valleta, Malta

During recent years there has been increasing public concern on potential health risks from power-frequency fields (extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields; ELF) and from radiofrequency/microwave radiation emissions (RF) from wireless communications. Non-thermal (low-intensity) biological effects have not been considered for regulation of microwave exposure, although numerous scientific reports indicate such effects. Global concern about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields is being looked into by researchers.

An electromagnetic field consist of an electrical, part and a magnetic part. The electrical part is produced by a voltage gradient and is measured involts/metre. The magnetic part is generated by any flow of current and is measured intesla. Both types of field give biological effects, but the magnetic field is more damaging since it penetrates living tissue more easily. Magnetic fields as low as around one microtesla (a millionth of a tesla) can produce biological damage.

There have been many instances of harmful effects of electromagnetic fields from such seemingly innocuous devices as mobile phones, computers, power lines and domestic wiring. They include an increased risk of cancer, leukaemia, brain tumours, genotoxic effects, neurological effects and neurodegenerative diseases, immune system deregulation, breast cancer, miscarriage and some cardiovascular effects.

The conference aims at gathering researchers from this field of research and development to discuss basic research, experimental results, modelling and simulation, management and regulatory policies.

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