Vijfde call R&D Projects Dinalog opengesteld

Dinalog, het Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics heeft de vijfde call voor onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingsprojecten (R&D) opengesteld. Vooraanmeldingen kunnen tot en met 21 februari 2013 worden ingediend.

Dinalog heeft voor deze call een vijftal aandachtsgebieden vastgesteld waarvoor zij graag voorstellen ontvangen:
1. Supply Chain Finance concepts and their integration with ICT and freight flows. This includes financial arrangements in the form of debt, equity or financial contracts used in collaboration by at least two supply chain partners (buyer and seller) and facilitated by a large buyer with the aim to improve the overall financial performance and mitigate the overall risks of the supply chain. Specific interest in collaboration models between shippers, logistic service providers and banks across multiple industries and countries;
2. The development of synchromodal transport concepts in the networks of (inter)national connections and multimodal hubs that enable a flexible switch between different transport modes at any possible moment in time. This includes different modalities, such as road, inland shipping, rail and air freight and covers issues such as the development of new business models, addressing aspects such as different legal issues between modalities, mutually accepted fair gain and cost sharing mechanisms, internalization of external costs etcetera;
3. Active application of logistics concepts in various sectors (cross-sectoral approach) that have not yet been connected to the Dinalog program sufficiently. This includes interaction and crossovers with sectors such as Energy, High Tech, Creative Industry and Life Sciences & Health (including Health Care);
4. The active involvement of the rail transport sector, the inland navigation and air freight sector;
5. More attention is needed for the human role and the ‘soft issues’ in realizing and executing logistical innovations. This can relate to the active role of the human in the optimization of supply chains or realizing a suitable governance structure / organization, as well as aspects of human behavior that hinder changes in processes and make them more difficult to realize (mental shift, social innovation, change management).

Naast deze vijf onderwerpen worden twee consortia uitgenodigd om een volledig voorstel in te dienen. Het betreft de volgende voorstellen:
1. The provision of real time and accurate information and databases for improved execution of transport services in road transport and across different transport modalities;
2. Service logistics and maintenance for the maritime and offshore industry.

Het innovatieprogramma Logistiek en Supply Chains is opgesteld door bedrijven en kennisinstellingen uit de logistieke sector. Het programma heeft de ambitie om Nederland in 2020 het Europees marktleiderschap te laten verwerven in de aansturing van transnationale stromen, die één of meer Europese landen aandoen, en worden geregiseerd vanuit gecentraliseerde regiefuncties van marktpartijen.

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