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'Fibrous protein nanocomposites for tailored hybrid biostructures and devices', Vathi, Greece(Crete)

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2012-10-07 A conference entitled 'Fibrous protein nanocomposites for tailored hybrid biostructures and devices' will take place from 7 to 12 October 2012 in Vathi, Greece(Crete).

Fibrous nanostructured objects have attracted much interest for their integration in future generations of micro and nano devices with promising industrial applications. Carbon nanotubes have been the subject of the most intense investigation; however, they present limitations due to their extreme conditions of manufacturing and their production cost.

Protein and peptide-based-nanofibers present an attractive alternative since they can assemble under mild conditions, are less expensive to manufacture, and are more easily configurable. Electrospun nanofibers also allow for versatile design, ease of manufacturing, and diversity of applications. The nanoelectronics and nanomedicine fields may eventually make extended use of both types of nanofibres.

The conference will look at the latest in the design, synthesis and characterisation of hybrid bio-nano- materials and devices for electronic and nanomedicine applications.

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