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KIC InnoEnergy call for Innovation Project Proposals for Sustainable Energy 2014

KIC InnoEnergy invites applications for the call for Innovation Project Proposals for Sustainable Energy 2014. Deadline for submission is December 1, 2013. KIC InnoEnergy (Knowledge and Innovation Community) is a European company investing in education, innovation and new businesses in the field of sustainable energy. The KICs may be financed for up to 25%. The implementation must be done with at least two other European partners, including the future partner for commercialisation and a product or service needs to be in the area of sustainable energy, preferably connected to one of these thematic fields:
• Clean coal technologies;
• Energy from chemical fuels;
• European smart electric grids & electric Storage;
• Intelligent, energy-efficient buildings and cities;
• Renewables;
• Sustainable nuclear & renewable energy convergence.

The  KIC is the independent but operational part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which puts the innovation web into practise. A KIC is a highly integrated, creative and excellence-driven partnership which brings together the fields of education, technology, research, business and entrepreneurship, in order to produce new innovations and new innovation models that inspire others to emulate it. The EIT aims to enhance Europe’s ability to innovate, which translates into adapting quickly to the fast pace of development, being one step ahead in providing solutions to rapidly emerging societal problems and developing products that meet the demands and desires of consumers.

KIC InnoEnergy organises a matchmaking event on September 24 and 25, in Frankfurt, Germany for internees to find the right European partners for an innovation project.

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