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Rubicon 2013 - Deadline April

NWO presents its first Rubicon submission round of 2013. The closing date is April 3, 2013. The aim of the Rubicon programme is to encourage talented researchers at Dutch universities and research institutes run by KNAW and NWO to dedicate themselves to a career in postdoctoral research. Rubicon offers researchers who have completed their doctorates in the past year the chance to gain experience at a top research institution outside the Netherlands for a maximum period of two years. There is also a limited opportunity to apply for a research period at an excellent Dutch research institute. Upcoming deadlines in 2013 are September 4 and November 28.

The total amount for this Rubicon round is € 2.3 million. For a stay at a foreign institute, the host institute employs the laureate under comparable conditions to those for an average postdoc employed at the host institute. The host institute must be a mostly publicly financed and recognised academic research institute. The size of the grant depends on the country of where the host institute is situated and the length of the stay and is determined according to a basic payment of € 58,500 per 12 months and a list of correction coefficients per country. The Dutch host institute will be assumed to be the employer and NWO will pay it a lump-sum grant of € 59,000 per 12 months.

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