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'The Food Industry as a Sector of the National Economy', Warsaw, Poland

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2012-12-06 A conference entitled 'The Food Industry as a Sector of the National Economy' will take place on 6 December 2012 in Warsaw, Poland.

The European food industry is an important sector which spans a wide range of economical activities. It produces an impressive diversity of products that ranges from the staples of our survival to luxurious sensual indulgences.

Today, the food industry weights as the largest manufacturing sector, accounting for 16% of turnover of manufacturers in the EU-27. Similarly, the food and drink sector in the EU accounts for 4.1 million direct jobs and many more indirect jobs - making the industry the leading employer in the manufacturing industry of the European Union. However, to keep this up will be difficult in the face of climate change and economic turmoil in Europe.

The conference will be a forum for stakeholders interested in this field to exchange on the various questions of the role and future of agribusiness in the economy.

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