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'The scar that binds', London, UK

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2012-12-05 A lecture entitled 'The scar that binds' will take place on 5 December 2012 in London, UK.

Although our liver and gastro-intestinal tract have considerable powers of regeneration, chronic damage, such as that caused by long-term alcohol abuse and other food and non food substances, results in the build-up of fibrous tissue that interferes with its function.

Histopathologists use a number of techniques to assess the nature and severity of scarring in the liver in clinical practice. It has, however, been necessary to develop new methodologies to use in clinical trials assessing the effectiveness of new drugs and animal studies used to understand the pathways leading to fibrosis.

The event will inform participants of new techniques as well as widening their range of applications. It will highlight how image analysis can help provide clinically useful information for individual patients.

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