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'Workshop on satcom user terminal antennas', Noordwijk, the Netherlands

Event date:
2012-10-05 The 'Workshop on satcom user terminal antennas' will take place from 5 to 8 October 2012 in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The event will identify future market trends, needs and requirements, anticipated by players in the satellite communications (satcom) market. The aim is to provide an impetus for new technological developments for convenient and affordable products to enhance and increase the range and availability of satellite communications services.

Expected attendees will include systems operators, equipment suppliers, researchers and end users to focus on satcom user terminal antennas. The workshop will cover a wide range of topics:
- broadcasting television;
- fixed broadband;
- mobile users;
- machine to machine, supervisory control and data acquisition;
- general technology and techniques advances;
- standards and verification.

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