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Israel - one year extension Lady Davis fellowships for Post-doctoral researchers (€ 1,191 p/m)

The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust in Israel invites applications for its Fellowship Program for post-doctoral researchers who wish to request an extension of a year at the Hebrew University. Closing date is January 30, 2013. Extensions are awarded to Post-Doctoral Researchers only if there is a committment on the part of the sponsor, or the Department, or the Faculty to fund half the cost of the Fellowship. The allowance is NIS 5,404 (€ 1,078) for candidates who have held their Doctorates for less than two years before they take up the Fellowship. Post-Doctoral candidates who have held their Doctorates for more than two years will receive NIS 5,971 (€ 1,191). For additional information please click here.

The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust was established to provide the opportunity for leading scientists and scholars, Post-doctoral Researchers and Doctoral Students from abroad, regardless of nationality, gender or field of scholarship to teach, study and participate in research in Israel at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa.

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