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'EARTO Innovation Prize 2012', Brussels, Belgium

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2012-12-04 The award ceremony for the 'EARTO Innovation Prize 2012' will take place on 4 December 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

The EARTO Innovation Prize is awarded - on the basis of an open competition adjudicated by an independent jury - to a member of EARTO in recognition of its contribution to an innovation of significant economic and/or social impact.

This year, the ceremony will also see the publication of a report that EARTO has commissioned from the Technopolis Group. This report, focusing on the appropriate balance of public investment in "basic" and "applied" research, stresses the need to take a systemic view of innovation with adequate space for both curiosity-driven research and mission-oriented work. Within this framework, the role of government is not just to fund research but to ensure that the links between the different actors and functions within the innovation system operate effectively. The report is hoped to influence Horizon 2020 discussions.

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