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Enlighten your Research 4 open for proposals (€ 20,000)

For the fourth time SURFnet organizes in collaboration with SURF, SURFsara, NLeSC, and NWO the Enlighten Your Research contest. The deadline for the submission is May 3, 2013. The organising partners of EYR4 offer a world-class operational communication and computing infrastructure to facilitate scientific research. This e-Infrastructure provides researchers with superfast communication networks and powerful computing middleware tools that foster collaboration and promote the shared use of high-end computing and data resources. The EYR4 contest creates an opportunity for research teams of all kinds to enhance their research with advanced ICT solutions and implementation support. In particular, the contest intends to encourage the integration of research specific applications with services, such as (but not limited to) cloud and grid computing, storage, (dynamic) networking, and advanced visualisation.

Competing researchers of all disciplines can win data storage, computing time, advanced network connections, and support for implementation. The winners will also receive a maximum cash prize of € 20,000. The Enlighten Your Research information event will be held at SURFnet in Utrecht on March 27, 2013.

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