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'Unanswered questions in cancer sequencing', Cambridge, UK

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2012-11-03 An event entitled 'Unanswered questions in cancer sequencing' will take place from 2 to 3 November 2012 in Cambridge, UK.

New generations of DNA sequencing technologies are enabling the systematic study of genetic derangement in cancers. The sequencing of cancer exomes or transcriptomes, or even entire cancer genomes, is now possible, though technical and economic challenges remain.

Nonetheless, the application of new technologies is dramatically expanding our understanding of this disease. Although, the science community anticipates many exciting discoveries in the near future, the ultimate success of these endeavours rests on the ability to translate what is learned into better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer.

The event will also act as a forum for the presentation and discussion of cancer sequencing, with an emphasis on current research progress. Session topics will include:
- cancer genome sequencing;
- challenges facing the computational biology of cancer sequencing;
- functional genomics of cancer;
- the impact of cancer sequencing on medicine.

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