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COMMIT2DATA call Big Data & Health published

NWO invites applications from experienced researchers for its call COMMIT2DATA (C2D) - Big Data & Health. The focus of the Big Data & Health Research Programme is the use of big data for the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease, within the frameworks of the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (K&I Agendas) for ICT, Creative Industry and LSH. Interdisciplinary consortia consisting of scientists and public/private partners can apply for funding.

End users - citizens, patients and/or (care)professional - should also participate in the project. After the closing date for preregistrations, principal applicants will be asked to present their project ideas to a group of citizens, patients and (care) professionals. This group of endusers will be asked to respond to the project ideas and to give advice from the perspective of the end users. The end users' observations will be taken into consideration by the committee that appraises the full applications.


For applications, more than € 6.5 million and 12 FTE eScience Research Engineers is available. The overall requested budget for a research project can be, depending on the type of research (industrial or fundamental), between € 1 million (50% co-funding) up to a maximum of € 2.25 million (25% co-funding) and between 2.0 and 3.0 FTE eScience Research Engineer capacity. At least half of the cash resources available to each project is intended for the appointment of temporary scientific personnel to an NWO-accredited research organization.

The closing date for preregistration is October 1, 2018. 


The research programme will support the ambitions of the Netherlands Heart Foundation, the Ministry of VWS and the Netherlands eScience Center, as well as those of Commit2Data for the top sectors of ICT, LSH and Creative Industry, as set out in those sectors' 2018-19 Knowledge and Innovation Contracts with NWO. 

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