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Respiration - ERS Short-term Research Training Fellowships

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) invites applications for its Short-term Research Training Fellowships. Upcoming deadline is 1 October 2014. Fellowships are established to advance respiratory medicine and science by helping scientists and clinicians to visit another research laboratory or clinical unit in a different country. The aim is to learn a research technique not available in the Home Institute, and to which there was no access before. Junior candidates are invited to apply.

Fellowships are intended to foster basic and advanced research as well as to support applications which are presented as a training component of a central robust research project (e.g. apply advanced research, test a hypothesis in pilot study, innovate a clinical technique, set up methods to be applied for clinical research at the Home Institute). The programme is open to both European and non-European based candidates to apply for a fellowship in a foreign country in Europe.

At the current level of funding, the ERS Scientific Committee selects about 15 grants annually. The total ERS grant amount should cover travel and accommodation costs and provide enough money to live on during the Fellowship. Therefore only subsistence rates are supported by the ERS grant.

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