NWO announes pilot Refugees in Science

May 17, NWO will open a pilot programme titled 'Refugees in Science'. Aim is to fund one-year appointments for academics who have fled their home country and wish to continue their scientific career in the Netherlands. Candidates must hold a master's degree or a doctorate and must have been granted refugee status in the Netherlands. The pilot was developed in consultation with the Young Academy, KNAW and the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF). Deadline of submissions is September 13, 2018.

Applications can be submitted by a project leader of a current research project already funded by NWO or ZonMw. The project leader may apply for additional funding for the one-year appointment of a junior or senior researcher with demonstrable refugee status (received an asylum residence permit for a fixed period (type III) on or after January 1 2013). The budget available for the pilot call is up to € 750,000. Funding is up to € 95,000 for personnel and material costs. Once the pilot has been completed, an evaluation will be carried out and a decision taken on whether to continue the programme.


NWO, together with  the Young Academy, KNAW and UAF, organises an information session on June 2, 2018 from 14:30 to 17:30 hrs at the Utrecht University Hall in Utrecht. Aim of this session is to provide both refugees and project leaders, with more information about the pilot and the organisations involved. Participants will also be offered practical assistance in finding a matching research project or a suitable candidate for their project. You can register by using this form.

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