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Paedriatric Infectious Diseases - ESPID Training Course and Workshop Award 2015-1 (€ 16,000)

The European Society for Paedriatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) asks for applications for its Training Course and Workshop Awards. Next deadline for submitting proposals is March 1, 2015. The aim of the award scheme is to fund training courses and workshops in PID, which can be directed at clinical trainees, continuing medical education for career grade doctors or both. Normally, awards will be up to € 16,000. ESPID is willing to fund a maximum of 50% of the overall costs of courses.

Applicants should indicate whether the course is intended primarily to fulfil local training needs or as a central European initiative (ESPID seeks to support both types of course but these categories are budgeted separately). However the application procedure is the same in both cases. Training courses and workshops should be clearly aimed at the development of national training programmes in Paediatric Infectious Diseases.

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