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Paedriatric Infectious Diseases - ESPID Postgraduate Teaching Visits to Resource Poor Countries 2015-1 (€ 1,500)

The European Society for Paedriatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) invites applications for its Postgraduate Teaching Visits to Resource Poor Countries. Upcoming deadline for submitting proposals is March 1, 2015. The aim of the visits is to provide encouragement and support to ESPID members wishing to devote time to PID teaching and training activities in resource poor countries. Awards are between € 1,000 and € 1,500.

Support is offered for transport costs only. It is expected that the visitor and/or his/her employee should provide their time gratis and that the hosts will cover accommodation and subsistence costs of the visitor during the visit. Resource poor countries are listed here. The visit should be to contribute to an established programme of post-graduate medical or scientific education related directly to paediatric infectious diseases or to which PID teaching is directly relevant and a component part.

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