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Horizon Inducement Prize 'Online Security - Seamless personal authentication' published

The European Commission has published a new Horizon Inducement Prize 'Online Security - Seamless personal authentication' (OnlineSecurityPrize-01-2017). The prize is part of the Information and Communication Technologies under the pillar Industrial Leadership. Deadline of submissions is September 28, 2018. The budget available is € 4 million. There are three awards offered: € 2,800,000 for the winner(s), € 700,000 for the 1st runner-up and € 500,000 for the 2nd runner-up.

The prize aims to significantly improve citizen's overall experience related to online authentication and consequently foster the widespread adoption of services and products provided within the Digital Single Market of the European Union. It also complements the activities of the Cybersecurity cPPP which aims to develop Europe's strengths in digital security.


The expected impact is an ICT solution that enables citizens to seamless authenticate themselves across a wide range of applications and devices. The solution should be easy to use, reliable, robust against cyber-attacks, privacy-friendly and compatible as well as affordable and open. It should be ready to benefit a wide range of the EU population, from healthy to impaired citizens of all ages.

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