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Microbiology - FEMS-Lwoff Award 2015 (€ 1,000)

The FEMS-Lwoff Award is given every two years for outstanding service to microbiology in Europe. Upcoming deadline for nominations is January 10, 2015. All fields of microbiology are considered. It is intended as a reward for a person or a group of persons, preferably working and residing in Europe. The award consists of a prize-lecture, a medal with an illuminated address, and an honorarium of € 1,000.

Members of FEMS Council, national microbiological societies, scientific groups, or individual microbiologists may nominate a candidate. Preference will be given to scientific research activity. Exceptionally, teaching, writing, or other kinds of service to microbiology may also be considered.

FEMS is the Federation of European Microbiological Societies, with its main mission to advance and unify microbiology knowledge.

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