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Catalytic C1 Chemistry open for proposals (€ 267,000)

The NWO-division of Chemical Sciences (CW) invites applications for Catalytic C1 Chemistry (CatC1Chem). Deadline of submissions is September 10, 2015. The programme is meant for the development of novel catalytic processes relevant for 'C1 chemistry'. Here, C1 chemistry refers to conversion of methane (natural gas), synthesis gas and methanol to chemicals and fuels. The public-private partnership projects are conducted in collaboration with industrial partners BASF, SABIC and SASOL. Academic researchers can submit proposals for curiosity-driven research focused on new concepts for the exploitation of natural gas.

After BASF, SABIC and SASOL each started a CHIPP (Chemical Industrial Partnership Programme) with academic partners as a part of this CatC1Chem-programme, they now join forces to organize an open call together with NWO in the form of a programmatic Technology Area (TA). The goal is to arrive at a next-generation of catalysts that are significantly improved compared to the current catalysts used. This requires breakthroughs in catalytic chemistry and the development of tools and techniques. A specific theme to be addressed within the TA CatC1Chem is catalyst stability.

The budget available is € 1.1 million. Funding is up to € 267,000 (exc. TKI allowance) and is intended for temporary research positions (PhD students, postdocs), consumables and small equipment related to the proposed research. The project should employ at least one researcher for at least two years. The funding is paid as a lump sum in annual tranches.

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