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John Templeton Foundation - Cycle 2 2013 ($ 250,000)

The John Templeton Foundation invites applications for its Core Funding Areas. The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2013. The mission of the John Templeton Foundation is to serve as a philanthropic catalyst for discovery in areas engaging life’s biggest questions. These questions range from explorations into the laws of nature and the universe to questions on the nature of love, gratitude, forgiveness, and creativity. For more detailed information on the Funding Priorities for the second Funding Cycle of 2013 please check Gods in Minds: The Science of Religious Cognition. For this cycle applicants may request up to $ 250,000 for empirical or conceptual projects of up to 30 months in duration. The Foundation will award up to $ 3,000,000 in grants in this competition.

The Core Funding Areas cover the full range of the Foundation’s activities and grantmaking:
• Science & the Big Questions;
• Character Development;
• Freedom & Free Enterprise;
• Exceptional Cognitive Talent & Genius;
• Genetics.

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