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Pharmaceutical gases and therapeutic solutions - Linde Healthcare REALfund (€ 75,000)

The Linde Healthcare invites applications for its REALfund. Deadline for the first decision on grants will be 30 June, 2014. The primary focus for project proposals is the field of respiratory diseases and their co-morbidities. Funding is up to € 75,000 per project. Applications may be submitted by anyone active in this field, such as (but not limited to) academic researchers, physicians, nurses, technicians, patient groups and organisations, and industrial designers. REALfund accepts project proposals throughout the year and these will be reviewed twice a year by Linde Healthcare with support of external experts.

The Linde Healthcare REALfund supports projects for the further development of medical devices, services and new applications for pharmaceutical gases and therapeutic solutions. In addition, the foundation is interested in innovative treatment pathways and complementary products that have the potential to produce measurable advantages or improvements in outcomes or economics throughout the care continuum from hospital to home.

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