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Smart Starch wins Top Sector Chemistry Student Competition

Smart Starch is the winner of the Top Sector Chemistry Student Competition. The division of Chemical Sciences of NWO organized this student competition together with the Top Sector Chemistry. The winning team was announced during CHAINS 2014.

Teams of Master students were invited to submit ideas for interesting and creative research projects, focusing on societal or industrial research questions. Master students in chemistry were able to apply, but also interdisciplinary teams with students in e.g. biology, physics, computer science, as long as the research question had a strong chemical and/or molecular component. 

The other selected teams were the following:
• Team Chemistry Drives Life (CDL);
• Team Nanosled;
• Team Pulp Fraction.

The deadline was May 8, 2014. The budget available is approximately € 110,000. Financing is up to € 27,000 for a project for three students, and € 18,000 for a project for two students.

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