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Physical Internet Travel Grant Programme open for proposals

NWO has published the call for the Physical Internet Travel Grant Programme. The programme offers the possibility to apply for a travel grant for a short work visit (two weeks at most) or a long visit of three to six months to a leading foreign knowledge institution in countries with whom the employer of the particular researcher has existing connections. Deadline of submissions for a short or a long work visit is November 28, 2019 or until the available budget is exhausted.

The total budget for short work visits is € 22,500, for long visits it is € 32,000. The funds have been made available by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The TKI Dinalog has reserved a total budget of € 75,000 for the duration of the programme that will be allocated across the short and long visits. Part of this budget has been spent in earlier calls. The programme is being prolonged. The allowance for a short work visit is limited to € 1,000, with a maximum of € 500 per week. For a long visit, the accommodation costs are set at a maximum of € 2,000 per month.


Aim of the programme is to stimulate contacts between Dutch researchers and researchers working in foreign knowledge institutions, in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and development in the area of the Physical Internet, Interconnected Logistics, data driver logistics and other ambitions of the research agenda of the logistics sector.

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