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BrightFocus Research grants: 2015 due dates for Alzheimers Disease Research and National Glaucoma Research published

The BrightFocus Foundation asks for applications for its National Glaucoma Research and Alzheimer's Disease Research grants. Deadline for submission of Letters of Intents are respectively October 14 and November 4, 2014. Funds awarded are to be used solely for research. BrightFocus supports not only U.S. domestic proposals, but also international research proposals. The maximum budget of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Standard Award is $ 250.000. The maximum budget of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Fellowship is $ 100.000. For the National Glaucoma Research Standard Award the maximum budget is $ 100,000.

BrightFocus Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting research and providing public education to help eradicate brain and eye diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. BrightFocus accepts investigator initiated proposals related to developing treatments, preventions, and cures for these diseases. BrightFocus currently supports three programs entitled:
• National Glaucoma Research;
• Macular Degeneration Research; and
• Alzheimer's Disease Research.

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