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Partnership NWO TTW - Nutricia open for proposals

The NWO Domain TTW and Nutricia invite researchers from universities and university medical centres to submit applications for their partnership call. Deadline for submitting proposals is October 5, 2017. The objective is to stimulate translational research in immune fitness: from scientific, mechanistic ideas, to nutritional concepts that influence immune fitness, to benefits in specific health areas, in other words, from ingredients to the (proof of concept) pilot trials in humans.

It it is mandatory to contact the Programme coordinator at Nutricia before submission to discuss your project idea and to determine whether the project fits within the scope of the Partnership programme preferably no later than four weeks before the deadline. 


NWO Domain TTW and Nutricia have made a total budget available of € 2.85 million. Funding is up to € 750,000. The goal of the partnership programme is to link different areas of expertise, such as immunology, inflammation and microbiology. In addition, tools such as systems biology and biomarker research are crucial in order to better understand immune fitness and speed up the process from ingredients to products with a health benefit. Knowledge exchange, innovation and valorisation leading to science driven and accepted products are key.

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