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Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion - EU Call 'Your first Eures job'

The European Commission has published a new call for proposals under the Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion programme (EaSI). The targeted mobility scheme 'Your first Eures job' aims basically at fostering workers' geographical mobility and boosting cross border employment opportunities. The EURES axis may be used to finance actions to promote voluntary mobility of individuals in the Union, on a fair basis, and to remove mobility obstacles.

This call has a budget of € 8,418,365 available. The deadline for the submission of applications is 26 June 2015. Under this Call for Proposals, the European Commission may decide to finance up to 95% of the total eligible cost of the action.
The present call for proposals aims to support projects designed to fulfil the 'Your first Eures job' objectives. The provision of services under the scheme should be ensured by EURES organisations, in cooperation with other organisations providing labour market related services. Those services can be provided at national, regional or local level. Applicant organisations shall foster the use of customised services and innovative working methods to improve the integration of mobile young workers into the host country, combined with financial incentives. In this respect, the call may support the development of partnerships between EURES and labour market stakeholders and players from other expertise areas willing to develop innovative placement support services.
Interested organisations must submit a proposal focusing on 'Job placements'. Interested organisations must also focus on at least one of following types of placements: 'Traineeships' and 'Apprenticeships'. The action should apply to young people and businesses (SMEs in particular) in the eligible countries, according to identified labour market needs. Recruitment and work placement activities may focus on inward and outward mobility, depending on national labour demand and supply opportunities. Projects should be based on a consortium with a broad geographical coverage. The consortium should be formed by at least seven participant organisations (established in seven different eligible countries), of which at least five must be EURES organisations (EURES members, EURES partners and associated EURES partners) and the others can be non-EURES organisations.
Selected projects in the framework of this call for proposals should support and finance the following groups:

young people (aged 18-35) willing to find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship and move to another Member State;
employers and SMEs in particular when these provide an integration programme for their newly-recruited young mobile workers, trainees or apprentices.

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