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Planting a forest on barren land

Matthijs Mees & Maikel Pauw | 15-05-2020

To stop climate change, just reducing our CO2 emissions is not enough. To make a difference, CO2 must also be actively removed from the air on a large scale. There are different ways to do this, but by far the most effective, natural solution is planting trees. Land Life Company is committed to this by turning infertile and degraded land into forests.

The most effective form of carbon capture
Humans have seriously damaged the earth and entire plots of land have become infertile. Land Life Company has developed an innovative technology to reforest these areas. In this way ecosystems are restored that cannot recover by themselves. One mature tree removes around 22 kg of CO2 per year from the air, creating a huge climate impact by restoring degraded plots of land.

The Cocoon: no irrigation needed
Land Life Company plants trees in dry and degraded plots of land with their innovative, biodegradable Cocoon. Via a water reservoir (of 25 liters) the seedling can be supplied with sufficient water during periods of drought, so that the plant can root deep enough, even without rainfall or irrigation. After 6 to 12 months they are independent, healthy trees that do not require further irrigation and can independently absorb moisture from the soil through their roots. This helps the plant during the first critical months, which increases the chance of survival of the trees to at least 90%.

Continuity in reforestation
Large companies are trying to become more active in order to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, or to compensate their CO2 emissions. One of the ways in which companies do this is by employing Land Life Company to plant new forests, where the company pays for the reforestation. In this way, Land Life Company can continue to plant trees and create more innovations for further growth. One of these innovations, for which Innofunding has also provided financing, is the automated planting of trees with a Cocoon using a planting machine.

Innofunding has helped Land Life Company by applying for various grants to stimulate their R&D activities. Land Life Company creates a lot of impact worldwide with these technologies by reforesting land on a large scale.


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This project has been carried out with a subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, National schemes for EZ subsidies, Topsector Energy carried out by Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland.