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Festival on Batteries

Sijmen Verveer & Rebekka Lennings | 04-06-2019

Nobody will be surprised that festivals use a lot of energy with, among other things, light and sound systems. But what most don't think about is how to get that energy on location, and who makes sure that green energy is used. A returning client of Innofunding takes this challenge on and has applied for a subsidy to develop an innovative hardware system for the storage of sustainable energy.

Power to the festival 
Festivals and other events are regularly held in remote locations. Usually the connection to the power grid at these locations is not large enough to run the (temporary) power-consuming equipment at a festival. This is currently being resolved by using polluting diesel aggregates. These machines burn diesel very inefficiently, create noise and stench and produce a whole lot of unnecessary CO2. This is of course no longer of this time, certainly because of the often sustainable image that festivals want to create.

Batterijen go green
Greener Power Solutions is taking on the challenge to change this, and its mission is to provide the required temporary power at events, such as festivals, 100% green with the help of battery containers. With the help of artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning-based clustering and forecasting algorithms, Greener develops a mobile battery container that can be used flexibly. For example, the container can charge at sustainable energy fields, in order to collect the temporary surplus of electricity behind the meter, and to use that power later in other areas with a (temporary) power demand.

With the help of Innofunding, Greener has submitted a plan for a subsidy for this project. In this way they will be able to make a good contribution to making the Netherlands more sustainable and to create a cleaner world. A cool and innovative project for sustainable Netherlands.

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This project has been carried out with a subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, National schemes for EZ subsidies, Topsector Energy carried out by Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland.