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Electrical Jaguar XJ6L

Sijmen Verveer | 03-05-2019

With some clients we go one step further than just providing  subsidies and possibly connecting them to partners. Returning client New Electric is a start-up that, among other things, converts cars to an electric drive. They did this for Innofunding’s Jaguar XJ6L from 1997, a young timer which has been converted in collaboration with New Electric and now equipped with a fully electric drive.

The passion of Innofunding is to formulate strategies and finance innovations in circularity and the energy transition. We support dozens of companies working on zero-emission passenger transport and transportation on the road and over water. One of our connections is New Electric, a start-up that converts cars, trucks and inland vessels to fully electric powered vehicles (potentially expanded with a hydrogen fuel cell). 

The innovative prototype powertrain in Innofundings youngtimer, a Jaguar XJ6L from 1997, is obviously accommodated with diverse development subsidies. In this way we reuse a steel carrosserie with a zero-emission powertrain and second life Tesla-batteries, resulting in 75% reduction of CO2-emissions for the production of a new electrical car. The project formed the basis of a new conversion factory and a second life battery standard, through which we can make our Dutch fleet greener, without having to cast away our old vehicles.

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