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  • Using natural gas without guilt

    Djennifer Madzia-Madzou & Jasper van Hijfte | 24-11-2020

    Most of us are well aware of climate change and have a desire to live more sustainably. However, we prefer not to give up our comforts for this. In the colder months of the year, in many houses the central heating boiler ensures that the house is heated and we have warm tapwater. However, the central heating boiler often runs on natural gas and is therefore commonly not a sustainable heat source.

  • Planting a forest on barren land

    Matthijs Mees & Maikel Pauw | 15-05-2020

    To stop climate change, just reducing our CO2 emissions is not enough. To make a difference, CO2 must also be actively removed from the air on a large scale. There are different ways to do this, but by far the most effective, natural solution is planting trees. Land Life Company is committed to this by turning infertile and degraded land into forests.

  • The River Cleanup & Containersailship

    Onne Sypkens & Sijmen Verveer | 16-01-2020

    The company eL-Tec develops innovative electrical engineering for various maritime and industrial projects. Since 2006 eL-Tec has been one of the most interesting costumers Innofunding has had, partly because it is an absolute pioneer when it comes to electric inland shipping. The list of maritime and sustainable energy innovations of eL-Tec for their customers is long. Their most recent achievements are the Interceptor and the Ventifoil.

  • Noisy heat pumps a thing of the past

    Jaap Bunnik & Rebekka Lennings | 28-11-2019

    Optisolar is developing the Thermodule: a soundless and aesthetically pleasing heat source for heat pumps, with the support of several subsidies requested by Innofunding for the various development phases.

  • Less network congestion, more energy transition

    Sijmen Verveer & Jasper van Hijfte | 28-10-2019

    The current Dutch energy trade markets are too limited to enable the full energy transition and are unsuitable for eliminating the growing congestion effects. Together with KPN, ENECO, ETPA and TNO, Innofunding has designed a TSE DEI + pilot project, with which a new transaction platform is being developed for flex operators to record the origin of energy.

  • Where cattle feed and algorithms meet

    Rebekka Lennings & Sijmen Verveer | 30-09-2019

    ENGIE, Nirvention, het CWI en Voergroep Zuid ontwikkelen samen een innovatie die een flinke energiebesparing kan realiseren in veevoederproductielijnen.