MIT-R&D Matchmaking

Maikel Pauw & Rebekka Lennings | 10-06-2021

The MIT-R&D collaboration program will reopen on the 11th of June. In order to be eligible for this grant, cooperation with at least one other Dutch SME is mandatory. Innofunding offers companies the opportunity to find a suitable collaboration partner through Partner Search.

The “Mkb-innovatiestimulering Regio en Topsectoren” (MIT) stimulates the development of innovative products, production processes and services. In order to qualify for this program, cooperation with another technical development partner is required. This cooperation needs to be based on the own expense and risk of each partner, in which partners complement each other to the highest possible extent. The partnership can be shaped in several ways. For example, a product, process or service can be developed together or partners can each develop their own product, process or service through using the expertise of the other. 

Finding a suitable partner can be difficult, which is why Innofunding offers support in finding an appropriate collaboration partner. With the help of our Partner Search we offer support in finding a suitable partner from our extensive network. In this way, we use our network to further the development of exceptional innovations of our clients. 

Are you looking for a collaboration partner for your project or would you like to join in on an R&D-project? Fill in this questionnaire and we will contact you. Are you not yet a client of ours? Feel free to fill in the questionnaire to find out what we can do to help you.

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