Innofunding aims high!

Nienke van Aken | 30-07-2019

At Innofunding we think it is very important to encourage our employees to excel and celebrate their achievements.  Whether it is finishing a first application, having a grant submission approved or outstanding performances outside office hours. This time it's Lisanne's turn.

One of our youngest employees, Lisanne Hagens, certainly deserved this attention last week. After an exciting competition, she became the Dutch High Jump Champion! Within the category "Women Seniors" (starting at age 21) she proved the best after 11 jumps with a final jump over 1.82 meters. For a short time, she was in close competition with her competitor, who also jumped 1.82. But since Lisanne was the only one who needed only one attempt to jump this height, Lisanne took the gold.

Innofunding congratulates Lisanne on this excellent result and is happy to encourage her to rise to even higher heights!